Liquorice Lounge

A great new duo.  I met Chris through the Bandmix musicians’ website.  We have been regularly rehearsing and songwriting since June 2018.

Sue & John!

Funny how these things come about… I met John in September 2014 while on a historical walk around my home village.  He was playing his guitar in St Thomas à Becket Church, Capel as part of the entertainment for the Heritage Open Days.  I had a chat with him and asked him what kind of music he was into.  He had his songbook with him and offered me to take a look.  I found we had a lot of musical tastes in common and he asked me if I’d like to sing.  I thought, why not!  And thus a friendship and duo was born.  John’s quite busy these days but we do have the odd outing, including singing at John and Margaret’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary party in November 2018!

Sue and Mike!

Another chance meeting… Mike and Sandy are a keys and sax duo and went into the pub where I hold open mic nights, looking for a singer.  Although we weren’t a match as a trio, a keys and vocals duo was perfect and we had a good few outings before family duties caught up with Mike and he had to give up our regular rehearsals.

Matfield Melody Makers

My WI at Matfield was asked to take part in an inter-WI event and we formed the Matfield Melody Makers.  We have performed at a few events now and are looking to do more!


I’ve known Neil Rigby for many years from my time living in the village of Horsmonden.  I hadn’t known that Neil was a guitarist – a closely guarded secret until he started attending the weekly jam sessions in the Gun pub.  So when I needed to recruit an accompanist, a chance meeting at the Horsmonden Cricket Club sealed our fate!  We have many musical interests in common and have had a few outings so far.

TWILite Singers

Now no longer regularly meeting, but with abundant happy memories, please click the link above for the TWILite Singers page!