TWILite Singers

Now no longer regularly meeting, but with abundant happy memories, please click the link above for the TWILite Singers page!

Sue & John!

Funny how these things come about… I met John in September 2014 while on a historical walk around my home village.  He was playing his guitar in St Thomas à Becket Church, Capel as part of the entertainment for the Heritage Open Days.  I had a chat with him and asked him what kind of music he was into.  He had his songbook with him and offered me to take a look.  I found we had a lot of musical tastes in common and he asked me if I’d like to sing.  I thought, why not!  And thus a friendship and duo was born.

Sue and Mike!

Another chance meeting… Mike and Sandy are a keys and sax duo and went into the pub where I hold open mic nights, looking for a singer.  Although we weren’t a match as a trio, a keys and vocals duo was perfect and we have never looked back!